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Calgary Stampede

Our biggest 10 day event of the year. Proud concessionaires on the grounds for the last 60 years. We operate 4 concession stands throughout the park.

Edmonton K-Days

Directly following Calgary, we have the same history with this great event. Offering our 4 concession stands positioned across this large fairgrounds.

Regina Queen City Ex. 

Rich with history, the once Buffalo Days has been apart of us from the beginning also. With the new Mosaic stadium located within the grounds this park has grown with the ex. 

Saskatoon Ex

We have had a single unit set up at this wonderful event for the past 20 years. Offering up 6 days of great entertainment and a large midway in early August.

Winnipeg Red River Ex 

Our season begins in Manitoba. For over 25 years we have been operating 3 of our stands around this unique park.
Brandon Summer fair. Our most recent addition to our time spent in Manitoba. This short 5 day festival gets us started with just 1 unit. 

Toronto Canadian National Exhibition 

This is our longest event of the year. Encompassing three weekends, that include labour day which is the last day of the fair. Proud to be apart of this event for over 30 years as it is one of Canadas oldest exhibition.

Thunder Bay Exhibition

As we first enter Ontario this relatively small event has great support within its city. We operate 3 units here on our way to Toronto.

Thunder Bay Exhibition

This historic exhibition has been a recent addition for us. Operating 2 concession stands over ten days that nears the end of our season. 

Spruce Meadows 

From the early days to this now world class equestrian show. We have been apart of this venue for the past 40 years. Setting up our original knock down stand that operates all three shows through the summer.